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The World of Choe

by Barry Hilton

Source: Foreword of “The World of Choe” – Glade Publications – 1973 – page 9-13

Artist Choe

by Tu Do Gallery

April 2013

Vietnam's Most Potent Pen

by Larry Green

Source: Chicago Daily News, 1973

Drawing from Experience

by Martin C. Evans

Source: The Orange County Registry (Thursday, July 7, 1994)

Few Words about Choe

by Neal Ulevich

Cartoonist’s Works Light Up City

by Anh Thu

Source: Vietnam News Daily, March 2, 2006

Le Dessinateur Audacieux

Renata Libal

L’Hebdo – No 17 – 27 Avril 1995 – VIET NAM 20 ans après en six portraits – page 33

Choe Expose Ses "Vision D'Ete"

Seine et Marne


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