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Few Words about Choe

by Neal Ulevich

Nguyen Hai Chi, a cartoonist who signed his work Choe or CAP, in the early 70s crafted daily art of the blackest despair for the Saigon daily Song Thanh. The Saigon government frequently censored Choe's art, which was always critical of Saigon and Washington, and often scandalous. Nor was Choe easier on North Vietnam: He portrayed Hanoi's Gen. Vo Dung Giap as a vampire.

While working as a photojournalist in Vietnam I sought Choe out, and acquired some of his original art work.
I lost track of Choe after the war ended in 1975. Recently I have been told he survived many adventures and some hard stints in reeducation camps. He currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City - formerly Saigon - and sells watercolors.

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