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Tu Do Art Gallery

Bui Van Hoi

Source: Vietnam Business magazine, Vol.6 - No.10, May 16-30, 1996

As one of the most popular art galleries in Ho Chi inh City, Tu Do Gallery, the first private one, was opened in June 1989, after "Doi Moi" policy promulgation. Since then, Tu Do Gallery has become a meeting place for famed artists in the city as well as their works with regular exhibitions. It's also interested in locating and introducing talented, promising young artists to the public. The gallery now has thousands of paintings, including oil paintings, silk paintings, watercolor or gouache on paper, printed paintings, etc. Last year, it particularly set up a workshop for artists making lacquer, a special kind of painting in Vietnamese traditional art developed from a kind of handicraft by Nguyen Gia Tri and some other Vietnamese artists. It might be interesting to know that the owner, Ms. Thu Ha, is also a famous artist herself.

Located on Dong Khoi Street, in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Tu Do Gallery has soon become a popular place visited and admired by Vietnamese and foreign art lovers. In truth, it is one of the galleries doing well in business with numerous regular customers.

Tu Do Gallery has eventually set up relations with some foreign galleries, art dealers and collectors. This elegant, well-decorated gallery with its large collection of art works, has been mentioned rather often in many domestic and foreign magazines. Last year, a Japanese magazine, the Hakano (No. 339), introduced Tu Do Gallery as one of the twenty places one should visit in Ho Chi Minh City.

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