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Artist Thu Ha - Innocence is Beauty

by Nguyen Binh

Source: “Vietnam Economic News” magazine, No 17/95 (98), from 5/7/1995 to 5/14/1995

Thu Ha is a woman who came late to painting but has recorded many achievements. Born in 1952 in Hue City, she opened Tu Do Gallery, the first private and biggest gallery in Ho Chi Minh City, in June 1989.

She came to painting naturally as led by her destiny. Being a wife of an official of the previous government in Sai Gon, she took many jobs to earn a living for her family. In December 1991, she held her first solo-exhibition. Then she was invited to go and make painting exhibitions in Australia, Hong Kong, and Sweden. She has got more experience from such exhibitions.

As a woman who underwent a great change of her country, she thinks, “When life is so complicated and troublesome, painting needs to be pure and innocent.” She has a talent for expressing the purity and nobleness, the naivety out of the ordinary in her paintings.

Though they remain pure and innocent, her recent paintings inspire deep meditations. Her colors are deeper, more beautiful and more attractive. We find a cottage in a country, an age-old communal house, a moon of childhood in “Nostalgia” and “Returning to Old Home,” and great longings in “Ocean and Light.” “Noah ‘s Boat” is also pure, but with a deep philosophy.

When in difficulties, we need a friend of profound feeling; and when in peace, we want a pure and innocent friend. May not these characteristics make her become an estimable artist?

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