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A Woman Artist's Paintings

by Marc Hurner

Source: Vietnam Business, Vol. 7 - No. 12, June 16-30, 1997

Tran Thi Thu Ha is the first artist with 30 paintings to be exhibited in the brand new H&S Art Gallery, located in the very heart of Brussels' antique and fine art district (41/43 Rue Blaes near Palace de La Chapelle).

This new gallery is dedicated to Vietnamese artists only to enable Brussels residents and European Union citizens living in Brussels to discover the quality and the variety of talents in contemporary Vietnamese art. So on purpose, we started with Tran Thi Thu Ha because her paintings offer various subjects, colors and emotions. She is definitely a living artist willing to express various feelings such as nostalgic souvenirs of Hue where she was born in 1952, religious subjects such as ”Salvation” or “Eden” treated in blue colors with a very hight degree of mystery, landscapes such as “Sunshine Bay” wherein everybody can re-discover emotions of souvenirs flashing in their mind, and many more subjects in abstract forms but always very colorful with life-like movements on the canvas.

Art critics do recognize in a few paintings some Edvard Munch style or some Marc Chagall touch, but it makes no difference when we know without books. The marvelous thing is something close to what has been done somewhere else because the master themes are always the same. Thu Ha is painting with her soul and is obsessed by life.

The single word for all her paintings should be Love - love for life because it is always stronger than the fire of evil (“Flames of Life”), love for flowers which are hopes and happiness, love for cats painted in a unique way, and love of Hue. Thu Ha is a young painter because she started painting but a couple of years ago, but we can feel how mature she is and how many good things we all can expect from her in the future.

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