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Artist Painter - Cartoonist

Choe + va Truu Tuong (CH.C-1993).jpg.jpg




  • 1943: Born in An Giang, Vietnam

  • 2003: Died in Virginia, USA

  • His works have been displayed regularly at Tu Do Gallery since 1989     

Painting Exhibitions

  • 1992: "Personalities of Choe," Journalist Association of HCM City, Vietnam

  • 1992: Three-Artist Show (with Rung and Trinh Thanh Tung), Fine Art Association of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • 1994: “Four Vietnamese Artists” (with Nguyen Van Phuong, Bui Ngoc Tu, and Tran Thi Thu Ha)Nordiska Museum, Julita, Sweden

  • 1995: “The Women of My Country,” the 5th Cartoonist Group Exhibition organized by The Japan Foundation, Tokyo, Japan 

  • 1996: “Quang Nam Da Nang under the View of Choe,” Da Nang City, Vietnam

  • 1996: “In Response to Ho Xuan Huong’s Poems” and “Women Who Won the Nobel Prizes," Fine Art Association of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • 1998: “Vision d’Ete 1998,” City Hall, Ville de Savigny-le-Temple, France

  • 2002: “Oil Paintings and Cartoons by Choe,” organized by Mimi Studio, Nguoi Viet Daily Office, Westminster, California, USA

  • 2004: “Choe’s Paintings,” Golden Hall, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 2006: “Portraits of Artists and Writers,” Tu Do Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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