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NGUYEN HAI CHI (CHOE) Artist-painter Profile: *November 11, 1943: Born in An Giang, Vietnam *March 12, 2003: Deceased in Virginia, USA PAINTING EXHIBITIONS: *1992: ”Personalities of Choe”, at the Journalist Association of HCM City, Vietnam *1992: Three-men Show (with Rung and Trinh Thanh Tung) at the Fine Art Association of HCM City, Vietnam *1994: “Four Vietnamese Artists” (with Nguyen Van Phuong, Bui Ngoc Tu, Tran Thi Thu Ha) at Nordiska Museet, Julita, Sweden *1995: “The Women of my Country” the 5th Cartoonist Group Exhibition organized by The Japan Foundation, Tokyo, Japan (10 Asian countries, each country one , and 4 Japanese cartoonists) *1996: “Quang Nam Da Nang under the View of Choe” in Da Nang City, Vietnam *1996: “In Response to Ho Xuan Huong’s Poems” and “Women Who Won the Nobel Prizes” at the Fine Art Association of HCM City, Vietnam *1998: “Vision d’Ete 1998” at the Hall de l’Hotel de ville, Ville de Savigny-le-Temple, France *2002: “Oil Paintings and Cartoons by Choe” organized by Mimi Studio, at Nguoi Viet Daily Office, Westminster, California, USA *2004: “Choe’s Paintings”, Golden Hall, Stockholm, Sweden *2006: “Artists & Writers’ Portraits” Tu Do Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City Works have been displayed regularly at Tu Do Gallery since 1989 CARTOONS: Has cartoons published in numerous newspapers and magazines, such as: *In Vietnam (before 1975): Khoi Hanh; Dien Dan; Bao Den; Song Than; Hoa Binh (pen name: Kit); Dai Dan Toc (pen name: Cap) *In Vietnam (after 1975): Lao Dong; Tuoi Tre; Kien Thuc Ngay Nay; Saigon Times Group; Van Nghe TP.HCM; Phu Nu TP.HCM; Thanh Nien; The Thao TP.HCM; Van Hoa; Sai Gon Giai Phong Thu Bay; VN Investment Review... *Foreign Countries: Times; New York Times; Chicago Daily News; Kourrier International; Register; Asahi Shinbun; l’Hebdo; Sapio; The Simotuke Shinbun; Jyoumou; Kitanihon; Cyuugoku; Miyazaki Nitiniti; Niigata Nippon; Ryuukyuu Sinpo; Okinawa Times; South China Daily News; Kyodo; BBC; VOA...
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Title:  Choe - profile
Description:  CHÓE
 Born in 1944 in An Giang, Việt Nam.
 Deceased on March 12, 2003 in Virginia, USA.
 Has performed paintings and journalism since 1965.
Has cartoons published on News papers and Magazines :
Lao Động ; Tuổi Trẻ ; Kiến Thức Ngày Nay ; Saigon Times Group ; Văn Nghệ TP.HCM ; Sóng Nhạc ; Phụ Nữ TP.HCM ; Thanh Niên ; Tiền Phong ; Quân Đội ND/TB ; Công An ND ; An Ninh TG ; Thể Thao TP.HCM ; Điện Ảnh TP.HCM ; Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu ; Khoa Học và Phát Triển ; Thanh Niên Thời Đại ; Văn Hóa ; Sàig̣n Giải Phóng Thứ Bảy ; Thế Giới Mới ; Tài Hoa Trẻ ; VDT ; Đại Đ̣an Kết ; VN Investment Review ; Times ; New York Times ; Chicago Daily News ; Kourrier International ; Register ; Asahi Shinbun ; L’hebdo ; Sapio ; The Simotuke-Shinbun ; Jyoumou ; Kitanihon ; Cyuugoku ; Miyazaki-Nitiniti ; Niigata-Nippon ; Ryuukyuu-Sinpo ; Okinawa-Times ; Hoa Nam Nhật Báo ; Hăng Kyodo ; Đài BBC ; VOA. . . .
 1989 :“South-Vietnamese Artists and Writers” , 37 portraits and cartoons, exhibited at Katriholm, Sweeden (May 19-26, 1989). This serie exhibited again at the National Press Club, Washingtion DC, USA (September 11, 1990); and at the Capital Hill (US Congress), Washingtion DC, USA (Jan. 28, 1992).
Collection of Mr.& Mrs Lê Hà Vĩnh, USA.
 1992 : “ Personages of Choé” , Solo painting exhibition at the Journalist Association of HCMC.
35 oil/canvas paintings size 70cm x 90cm.
Collection of Mr. Nguyễn Đăng Quang, Lam Sơn company, HCMC.
 1992 : “ Vietnamese Personages” , 57 oil/canvas paintings , size 50cm x 65cm.
Collection of Hàn Đức Minh, HCMC.
 1992 : Group Exhibition at the Fine Art Association of HCMC
(together with RỪNG and TRỊNH THANH TÙNG)
 1993 : “Presidents of the United States” , 41 oil/canvas paintings , size 110cm x 140cm.
Collection of Ms. Nancy Phạm , USA.
 1994 : Group Exhibition of four Vietnamese artist-painters at Julita Musium, Katrineholm, Sweden
(together with Nguyễn Văn Phương, Bùi Ngọc Tư, Trần Thị Thu Hà)
 1995 : Participated in the ASEAN cartoonists exhibition in Japan,
organized by the Japan Foundation ASEAN Culture Center. (Tokyo and other cities)
(10 Asian countries and Japan, each country one cartoonist)
 1996 : Solo exhibition “Quảng Nam Đà Nẵng under Choé’s view” ,
29 water color/paper , size 40cm x 60cm
 1996 : Solo exhibition “Ho Xuan Huong Poems”
40 oil/canvas paintings, size 77cm x 77cm
and “Nobel Laureate Women”
27 oil/canvas paintings, size 70cm x 85cm.
Collection of Ms. Phan Tḥ Thu Mai, Sotraco company, HCMC.
 1998: Solo exhibition “Vision d’Été 1998”, City Hall of Savigny-Le-Temple, France (4-Sep to 18-Sep-1998)
 1999 : Participated in the exhibition “A portrait is for ever”, Xuân gallery, HCMC.
 2003: “Portraits of Vietnamese Artists and writers”, Tu Do Gallery, HCM City, Vietnam.
 2013: “Chóe’s Artworks”, Tu Do Gallery, HCM City, Vietnam.
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